Altlandsberg: A Prussian Escape

There is a slice of historical Prussian beauty just within the reaches of Berlin; a trip with a walk through protected woodland that takes you to a 300 year-old plus brewery.

Neuenhagen – Altlandsberg


Berlin has its fair share of history, that’s for sure. But to get some real Prussian history, you really have to stretch your legs and head out to Brandenburg.

Luckily you don’t have to go too far.

In the tiny, yet beautiful village of Altlandsberg, there is an old castle once owned by Prussian king Friedrich I, in which lies a brewery dating back hundreds of years, that it is still function today.

Getting there isn’t that hard.

Check out my Komoot page to follow the route.

The starting point of the walk lies just outside of Berlin in Neuenhagen, which lies on the S5 line. From here you follow Fichtesstraße for 1km until you walk under the highway until you arrive at Erpetal, a protected wildlife reserve.

Here you’ll found a several farms and a horse sanctuary. Depending on the time of year you’re there, you’ll have the option of seeing lots of horses, either in thee stables or walking up and down the road.

The signposted route to Altlandsberg follows the Erpe stream, as it passes country cottages, mills, and lots and lots of fields. After about 3km you’ll start to arrive in Altlandsberg. If you’re there in the winter time the fields will be filled with water buffalo who help fallow the grounds during the off season.

Before heading directly into town, take the signposted past that leads into the past Holz-Balancier Park. Here you’ll get a good view of the old city walls, which 14th century tower, which on the right day you can climb for just EUR 1.

Here you can walk through the old market town square and view its perfectly preserved facades. The church on the north side of the square has been there since 1968.

Finally you arrive on the grounds of Schloss Altlandsberg, an old castle estate previously established by the mighty Count Otto von Schwerin, with its adjoining pleasure gardens, church and brewery.

It was on these grounds that King Friederich I would spend a lot of his time growing up. The estate is very much associated with the Prussian royal era, although most of its artifacts were eventually moved to Charlottenburg.

As with most regal estates, there is of course a brewery and distillery which is still function today. Founded in 1659, the brewery eventually fell into disrepair before being reopening in 2016.

Today the brewery offers a lot of seasonal brews, all reasonably malty with a succulent amount of sweetness to the flavour. Out of the regular beers on offer, the Cupfer and the Nachtwächter are especially particular beer, not too herby but with the right amount of spice.

The restaurant is on point too, offering traditional German food and cakes.

On the weekends there are markets offering local and fresh products from the countryside. It’s also a fabulous spot to sit, enjoy the gardens, watch the people – and if you’re lucky, you may even see the Nachtwächter. Take a look inside the ancient building if you have time, and imagine a time when you could have lived in the era of Count Otto von Schwerin, experiencing a time of dukedoms and empires, still enjoying the same beer you are now.

For more information check out the Schloss Atlandsberg website here.

Photos: Yvonne Hartmann

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